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How Ingredients Behave In A Cookie Recipe

How Ingredients Behave In A Cookie Recipe - sugarkissed.net

a.k.a. The Great Sugar Cookie Experiment Part 1 I’ve always thought of baking, especially decorating, as a form of art. Surprise! It’s actually more of a science… chemistry really. In my quest to find the perfect sugar cookie for decorating, I have learned a lot about how individual cookie ingredients behave in a recipe. The foundation of any cookie recipe… Continue

Chocolate Easter Cookies with Almond Butter Filling

Chocolate Easter Cookies with Almond Butter Filling

Hippity hoppity, Easter cookies are on their way… Although jelly beans are usually my favorite Spring treat, these chocolate Easter cookies with almond butter filling are now a close second! The idea came about with inspiration from Project Denneler’s clever pinata cookies and all of the ads I have been seeing for chocolate peanut butter eggs. I decided to add a little bit of a twist with almond butter instead…. Continue

Sugar Cookie Recipe

Sugar Cookie Recipe

After much research and The Great Sugar Cookie Experiment I am happy to have a sugar cookie recipe that is perfect, in my humble opinion, for decorating with my favorite royal icing. This is a vanilla almond sugar cookie recipe and not only is it delicious, but the cookies are sturdy enough for both decorating and shipping. Break out your favorite cookie cutters… Continue

Colorful Sock Cookies

sock cookies

I’ve always had a thing for colorful socks. Can’t explain it, I just love ’em. So when I saw a cute quote on Pinterest that “life is too short for plain white socks”, I knew I had to make some sock cookies. I used my Christmas stocking cookie cutter and this technique for combining cookie cutter shapes that I learned at University of… Continue

Heart Cookies for Sharing

heart sugar cookies

Yay… after some practice, I’m feeling confident enough to share my cookies! My hubby has been volunteering as my official taste tester and they have received his stamp of approval. I’ve been reading blogs, watching tutorials, and learning some basic techniques. Although I definitely need some practice with piping, my latest batch does not embarrass me. So… I broke out the bubble… Continue

A Cookie Addiction Is Born


It all started Christmas of 2011… To say that my mother-in-law is an amazing cook, entertainer, and homemaker is an understatement. If you visit her home at Christmastime you will be filled with the holiday spirit. From the delicious homebaked goods to the stunningly decorated Christmas tree, she truly goes out of her way to make it “the most wonderful… Continue