Bite-Sized Birthday Cakes On Sticks

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step TutorialMaking a bite-sized version of a full-sized treat instantly amps up the cuteness factor. Put it on a stick and you run the risk of making it too cute to eat! That’s exactly what Christine, the baker behind ChriztyCreationz has done with her birthday cake cake pops.

Christine caught Cake Pop Fever back in 2009, when cake pops were first becoming popular as dessert table must-haves. As a self-taught baker, she learned how to make cake pops by watching YouTube videos. Fascinated with the treat, she perfected her cake popping skills through trial and error. Now she makes them, in addition to a variety of other treats, for personal events and occasional customer orders.

Make Basic Round Cake Pops

Birthday cake cake pops start with basic round cake pops. To learn step-by-step how to make cake pops using a cake mix, please see How To Make Cake Pops.

How To Make Cake Pops - sugarkissed.netIf you want to get creative with the flavor of your cake pops, check out How To Make Cake Pops With Unique Flavors, Key Lime Cake Pops, and Cherry Cheesecake Cake Pops.

Now, without further delay, I’ll turn it over to Christine to take us through the process for making her birthday cake cake pops…

Ingredients and Supplies for Birthday Cake Cake Pops

To make birthday cake cake pops you will need:

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops

Make cake balls by following the steps for making cake pops and stopping just before the step instructing you to insert your sticks into the cake balls.

Start by microwaving your chocolate wafers in a cup on 50% power for 1 minute. Stop and stir, then continue melting for an additional 30 seconds. Stop and stir again. Continue microwaving in 30-second intervals, stopping and stirring after each interval, until your coating is completely melted.

For each birthday cake cake pop, use half of a cake ball to make the top tier of the cake and one and a half cake balls to make the bottom tier. Use your hands to mold your cake balls into column shapes, making them as thick and as high as you like. Keep in mind that your bottom tier needs to be wider than your top tier and your top tier will be holding a birthday candle.

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Insert a bling stick or lollipop stick into the bottom of your birthday cake’s widest tier. Push the stick all the way through the cake so that it is sticking out of the top about half the height of your top tier.

Using a toothpick, apply some melted chocolate to the top of the cake in a circle around the protruding stick. While the chocolate is still wet, slide the top tier of your cake onto the stick and into the chocolate. Hold the two cake tiers together for a few moments while the chocolate hardens and acts as glue.

Slowly slide the stick back out of the bottom of the cake.

For extra reinforcement, use a toothpick to apply additional chocolate around the seam where the two cake tiers meet. Allow the chocolate to harden.How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step TutorialSet the two-tiered cake upside down on a flat non-stick surface, such as a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Dip the tip of your stick into melted chocolate and insert it back into the hole in bottom of the cake. Do not push the stick in further than half way through the top tier, leaving room for your birthday candle to be inserted on top. Allow the chocolate coating to harden to secure the stick.

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step Tutorial

How To Decorate Birthday Cake Cake Pops

Check your melted coating to make sure it is warm with a smooth consistency, but not hot. If it is too thick, it will weigh down your cake and the top tier will fall off. Reheat your chocolate if necessary by microwaving it in 30-second intervals at 50% power. If your coating is the right temperate and is still too thick, add some paramount crystals or vegetable shortening to thin it out.

Dip each cake pop straight down into your melted coating until the cake pop is completely covered. Remove the cake pop from the melted coating, turn the cake pop at an angle and gently tap off any excess coating.

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Helpful Hint: A tall narrow bowl works best for dipping cake pops. Keeping the coating warm throughout the entire dipping process is key to having a smooth coating on your cake pops. To avoid having to repeatedly reheat your coating, a chocolate melting pot is a great tool.

Act fast to add your sprinkles and candle before the coating hardens. Hold your cake pop over a bowl and sprinkle with sparkling sugar, covering as much of the surface as desired. Insert a birthday candle into the top of the cake pop and place dragees around the seam where the cake tiers meet. If your coating hardens before all the dragees are in place, simply use a toothpick to dab wet chocolate in spots as needed.

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Set your birthday cake cake pops in your cake pop stand and let the cake pops dry completely.

Add extra interest to your birthday cake cake pops by attaching flowers, numbers, hearts, or initials as additional decorations!

How-To-Make-Birthday-Cake-Cake-Pops---A-Step-By-Step-TutorialA special thank you to Christine of ChriztyCreationz for showing us how she makes her birthday cake cake pops.

How To Make Birthday Cake Cake Pops - A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Now that you know how to make the perfect cake pops for your next birthday party, you need a unique way to show them off! Head over to Cake Pop Stand Co. for a wide selection of cake pop stands. From simple rectangle stands to multi-tiered collapsible stands, they offer stylish ways to display cake pops for every kind of dessert table.

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  2. Heather says:

    I would LOVE to know your secret on keeping the chocolate from dripping down the stick! I have tried over an over to make these just right, but for some reason I’m not doing too well. I also have a problem with the chocolate not drying quick enough, so when we apply sprinkles, they slide into the chocolate, or drip off… Any suggestions.

    • Janine says:

      Hi, Heather. If you’re chocolate is dripping down the stick, try tapping off a little bit more of the excess. When adding sprinkles, wait till your chocolate is just starting to set so it is thicker and won’t slide down. Maybe dip a pop, put it in your cake pop stand, dip another one or two, then go back to the first one to add sprinkles. Hope this helps!

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