How Ingredients Behave In A Cookie Recipe

How Ingredients Behave In A Cookie Recipe -

a.k.a. The Great Sugar Cookie Experiment Part 1 I’ve always thought of baking, especially decorating, as a form of art. Surprise! It’s actually more of a science… chemistry really. In my quest to find the perfect sugar cookie for decorating, I have learned a lot about how individual cookie ingredients behave in a recipe. The foundation of any cookie recipe… Continue

A Cookie Addiction Is Born


It all started Christmas of 2011… To say that my mother-in-law is an amazing cook, entertainer, and homemaker is an understatement. If you visit her home at Christmastime you will be filled with the holiday spirit. From the delicious homebaked goods to the stunningly decorated Christmas tree, she truly goes out of her way to make it “the most wonderful… Continue