The Best Dark Chocolate Cake Pops

The Best Chocolate Cake Pops

If you hear the phrase “death by chocolate” and think to yourself, “Sounds like a good way to go!”, this easy chocolate cake pop recipe is for you. It’s dark, it’s decadent, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy even the most ravenous chocolate craving. Before gathering the ingredients for your chocolate cake pops, keep in mind that not all chocolate is… Continue

Decadent Decorated Brownies – Fun and Fudgey!

Fun and Fudgey! Decorated Brownies

Take it from Oprah, “A little bit cakey, a little bit fudgey, a lot velvety—there’s nothing like a deep, dark, classic chocolate brownie.” I’ve been wanting to try the famous brownie recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking for quite some time now. To say that the recipe did not disappoint is a severe understatement. These are by far the best brownies I have ever… Continue

Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry Royal Icing Recipe

Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry Royal Icing

When I get a hankering to decorate cookies, I usually reach for my favorite sugar cookie recipe and royal icing recipe. My mouth starts to water just thinking about the sugary combo! But, sometimes you just want to change things up a bit, ya know? That’s where this recipe for chocolate sugar cookies and raspberry flavored royal icing come in. If you’re… Continue

Funfetti Cake Cookies: The Effortless Way to Make Pretty Cookies

Funfetti Cake Cookies -

These funfetti cake cookies just might be the easiest cookies I have ever made! Amazingly, they are addictively delicious, which I guess is bound to happen when you start with cake batter. Plus, it’s impossible to not have fun baking when playing with sprinkles! Like me, you have probably seen many versions of funfetti cookies and cake batter cookies all… Continue

Make Cake Pops With Unique Flavors

Cheesecake Cake Pops |

When it comes to decorating cake pops, the possibilities are endless. Especially when you consider the size of my sprinkle collection! Where I sometimes feel limited, however, is my flavor options. I typically make my cake pops using the old school Bakerella method which includes a boxed cake mix and canned frosting. Unfortunately, there are only so many different flavors of pre-made… Continue