Free Valentine’s Day Printable Muffin Topper

Free Valentine's Day Printable Muffin Topper

There’s no better Valentine’s Day gift than waking up to breakfast in bed. And if you’re going to go through the trouble of getting up early and sneaking into the kitchen to whip up a scrumptious surprise breakfast, you certainly want it to look good! That’s where these adorable muffin toppers come in! Just start with a batch of your… Continue

15 Free Halloween Printables for Packaging Treats

15 Free Halloween Printables for Packaging Your Treats

In many households, Halloween is the start of a marathon of baking. At, my goal is to help you find easy ways to turn those holiday treats into creative works of edible art! In the kitchen, you can decorate with icing, get fancy with sprinkles, work with colored dough, and create custom shapes. But the creativity doesn’t stop in the kitchen! Head… Continue

Cookie Coloring Kits | Homemade Cookie Gifts

Cookie Coloring Kits -

Nothing is more rewarding than sharing your baked creations with little loved ones. Now, with the help of cookie coloring kits, you can include children  in the cookie decorating fun even when they are far away. To make these DIY homemade gifts, all you have to do is create a blank cookie canvas, design the pretty packaging, and include cookie decorating tools. The smiling little sugar… Continue