Star Wars Cookies | Double-Decker Light Sabers

Star Wars Cookies

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you probably already know that May 4th is Star Wars Day. If you’re thinking “Why is there a day for Star Wars?” then you should probably stop reading because there’s no way you’re nerdy enough to enjoy a post about Star Wars cookies. To the rest of you…  Supplies for Making Double-Decker Light Saber Cookies… Continue

How To Make Minecraft Cookies | The Minecraft Animals

How To Make Minecraft Cookies

Let the Minecraft party continue! If you stopped by earlier in the week, you probably saw my step-by-step tutorial for making Steve and Creeper cookies. Today we continue on with the animals of Minecraft. Since the pigs and sheep in Minecraft are made up of square pixels, each of your Minecraft cookies will be made up of tiny squares. Use the… Continue

How To Make Minecraft Cookies | Steve and Creeper Cookies

How to Make Minecraft Cookies

Have you been bitten by the Minecraft bug yet? Do you find yourself spending hours mining, building, and killing Creepers? I have to confess that I have spent my share of days in my pajamas wondering where the time went while I tediously dyed sheep and collected my colored wool. It seems only natural that this obsession healthy indulgence would… Continue

How To Make Easy Colored Dough Heart Cookies

Colored Dough Heart Cookies |

If you’ve never made cookies using colored dough before, you’re missing out. It’s super easy to do and if you’re not in the mood to decorate with icing, you still have pretty cookies! Today I’m going to share with your how I made these cute little heart cookies. They’re pretty enough to be the main event but they also make… Continue

Argyle Onesie Baby Shower Cookies

Onesie Baby Shower Cookies |

Overwhelmed by cuteness, I searched the web in pursuit of the perfect baby shower favors for my little sister’s upcoming jungle baby shower. Of course, homemade cookies and cake pops were in the running from the beginning! After browsing through endless adorable little knick-knacks that could be handed out as baby shower favors, I decided to make my favorite sugar cookies in… Continue

Cookie Coloring Kits | Homemade Cookie Gifts

Cookie Coloring Kits -

Nothing is more rewarding than sharing your baked creations with little loved ones. Now, with the help of cookie coloring kits, you can include children  in the cookie decorating fun even when they are far away. To make these DIY homemade gifts, all you have to do is create a blank cookie canvas, design the pretty packaging, and include cookie decorating tools. The smiling little sugar… Continue

51 Decorated Christmas Cookies with Tutorials

51 Decorated Christmas Cookies -

Christmas is the mecca of all cookie decorating holidays. With holiday cookie swaps and gift giving, we’re almost all required to decorate at least one batch of sugar cookies. If you’re looking for inspiration for all the Christmas cookies you see in your near future, you’ve come to the right place! Below you will find not just 51 of the… Continue