How To Transfer Designs Onto Cookies (Tutorial)

Royal Icing Transfers -

It all starts with a creative cookie idea that includes a design you just can’t draw freehand. Well, you don’t need to scrap the idea and you don’t need to run out and by a Kopykake projector! Believe it or not, you can simply trace your design and transfer it onto your cookie. Creative Cookier, meet The Royal Icing Transfer… 1. Print… Continue

Lessons Learned: Cover Icing While It’s Drying with Mesh Food Covers

Protect Icing with Mesh Food Covers

One of the downsides to decorating cookies with royal icing is that the cookies have to sit out while the icing dries. This provides the perfect opportunity for any little fuzzies, stringies, or whispies in the air to land smack dab in the middle of one of your works of art. Well, fear the fuzzies no more! These mesh food covers are… Continue

High Heel Leopard Print Cookies

Leopard Print Shoe Cookies

Animal print + glitter = fabulous sugar cookie! My mother-in-law loves all things sporting a leopard pattern so I made these high heel shoe leopard print cookies especially for her for Mother’s Day. I was inspired by leopard print cookies by Callye at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. To make these beauties you will need: Sugar cookies made from your favorite sugar… Continue

Lessons Learned: Keep Oil Out of Royal Icing

Oil In Royal Icing

When Callye at The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle says that “oil is the enemy of royal icing”, she’s not kidding! I recently learned this first hand. When I examined my Easy Cookie Press Cookies the day after decorating them and found that the icing had not set, I was cursing the Texas humidity. It had just wreaked some havoc on my Sugar Cookie… Continue

Chocolate Easter Cookies with Almond Butter Filling

Chocolate Easter Cookies with Almond Butter Filling

Hippity hoppity, Easter cookies are on their way… Although jelly beans are usually my favorite Spring treat, these chocolate Easter cookies with almond butter filling are now a close second! The idea came about with inspiration from Project Denneler’s clever pinata cookies and all of the ads I have been seeing for chocolate peanut butter eggs. I decided to add a little bit of a twist with almond butter instead…. Continue