Funfetti Cake Cookies: The Effortless Way to Make Pretty Cookies

Funfetti Cake Cookies -

These funfetti cake cookies just might be the easiest cookies I have ever made! Amazingly, they are addictively delicious, which I guess is bound to happen when you start with cake batter. Plus, it’s impossible to not have fun baking when playing with sprinkles! Like me, you have probably seen many versions of funfetti cookies and cake batter cookies all… Continue

How To Tint Your Own Custom-Colored Sprinkles

Custom-Colored Sprinkles |

When I look into the pantry to see a shelf lined with sprinkles… stacked on top of sprinkles… stacked on top of more sprinkles, I completely understand the surprise in my hubby’s voice when he asks, “You don’t have the color you want?” But, what can I say, I’m a self-confessed “sprinkles addict” which naturally also makes me a “sprinkles perfectionist”. That… Continue

Make Cake Pops With Unique Flavors

Cheesecake Cake Pops |

When it comes to decorating cake pops, the possibilities are endless. Especially when you consider the size of my sprinkle collection! Where I sometimes feel limited, however, is my flavor options. I typically make my cake pops using the old school Bakerella method which includes a boxed cake mix and canned frosting. Unfortunately, there are only so many different flavors of pre-made… Continue

Holiday Pancakes for Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast Pancakes |

With a blog focused on sweets, breakfast isn’t a topic I cover often, if at all. But Christmas pancakes as fun and easy as these certainly qualify for “creative sweets made simple”. Start a new tradition at your house by whipping up a batch of these for Christmas breakfast this year! Supplies for Christmas Breakfast Pancakes  To make Christmas breakfast pancakes, you will need: Your favorite… Continue

Decorated Christmas Cookies | Trees & Ornaments

Decorated Christmas Cookies |

Have you started making your decorated Christmas cookies yet? Are you still looking for ideas and inspiration? These Christmas trees and ornaments will look pretty on any Christmas cookie platter and are a breeze to make! How To Make Christmas Tree Decorated Christmas Cookies Supplies you need to make Christmas tree cookies: Cookies made from your favorite sugar cookie recipe Christmas… Continue

How To Make Snowman Christmas Cake Pops

Snowman Cake Pops -

If you’re thinking about making cake pops for the holidays, snowmen are the perfect subject. Perfectly round heads on top of perfectly round bodies, plus all those cute little accessories… it would almost be a waste to make one out of snow instead of cake and candy coating! Supplies for Snowman Christmas Cake Pops To make snowman cake pops you… Continue