5 Essentials to Take Cake Pop Photos Like a Pro

How To Take Amazing Cake Pop Photos


You’ve just spent half of your weekend in the kitchen. It started with cake baking, followed by rolling and dipping, then came the hours of detailed decorating. Now that you’ve finished your cake pops, you want to show them off to the world… and you want your little bite-sized works of art to look awesome! Whether you’re new to photographing cake pops or just want to know how you can make your photos better, today’s post is for you. After much trial and error, I have found a handful of tools for taking amazing cake pops that I just can’t live without.

1. Camera and Lenses

If you’re going to photograph your cake pops, obviously the first thing you’ll need is a camera. A digital SLR camera will give you more control over your settings than a simple point-and-shoot camera, which will result in better cake pop photos. I started with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i as my first digital SLR camera and I still love it. It takes amazing photos and is easy to use for a beginner. Canon has discontinued this model since I purchased it and replaced it with an updated version, the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

I find that all of my photographing needs can be met with the use of just two lenses. I use the Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens for taking instructional photos of my tutorial steps and the Canon EF 50mm lens for more stylish pictures of my completed cake pops.

2. Lights

Lighting is probably the most important element of a good photo. Natural lighting is usually suggested for food photography, but if you’re like me and don’t have a convenient spot next to a window that gets lots of light, you’ll need to make your own light. I have a set of Lowel EGO Tabletop Lights that I adore. After spending all day making and decorating cake pops, when it comes time to photograph them, I want to be able to get it done quickly and without any hassles. My Lowel EGO Tabletop Lights are lightweight and compact. They take up little storage space and require practically no setup time. I simply pull them out of the closet, set them in their position on the table, plug them in, and switch them on. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Lights for Taking Cake Pop Photos

3. Cake Pop Stands

If you are still displaying your cake pops on foam blocks, it’s time to upgrade! There was a time when I used them too. That’s how I know that they’re a bad idea. Not only do they fall apart and make a mess, but they look hideous in photos! Getting a few different cake pop stands is a small investment that will really pay off in your photos. With different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, Cake Pop Stand Co. has an endless number of cake pop stand options.

What You Need To Take Beautiful Cake Pop PhotosLisa of Goodiebites is one of my favorite cake pop artists who does an amazing job of using different cake pop stands to create interesting cake pop photos. I especially love how she uses black stands to make her cake pops look like they’re floating! Be sure to follow Goodiebites on Facebook and Instagram for a constant source of cake pop inspiration.

The Top 5 Tools for Taking Amazing Cake Pop Photos

4. Paper Straws

Incorporating complimentary colors and patterns can take your cake pop photos to the next level. An easy way to do that is to display your pops on colorful paper straws instead of plain white sticks. Cake Pop Stand Co. has paper straws in every color of the rainbow, and each color comes in a variety of patterns. You can also get mixed packs to match your cake pop theme or request that a custom mix be made just for you.

Key Lime Cake Pops Recipe and Tutorial

When making your cake pops, use the paper straws exactly the same way you use standard sticks. Dip the end of the paper straw in your melted coating and insert it half way into your cake ball. Once the coating has hardened, your paper straw will be secure so you can dip your whole cake pop in the coating.

How To Display Cake Pops on Paper Straws

To show off your cake pops on paper straws, one option is to use cake pop stands with holes sized for paper straws. If you already have cake pop stands with holes sized for sticks, don’t worry. You can use this simple trick. Start by setting standard sticks in each of the holes in your cake pop stand, then slide your cake pops on straws over the sticks. How To Use Paper Straws with a Cake Pop Stand Designed for Sticks

{B} the sweet shop does an amazing job incorporating paper straws into their cake pop designs. Make sure you follow them on Instagram to see all the stunning sweets they create.

Cake Pops on Paper Straws

For a little extra flare, you can use bling paper straws like Popsadaisy. To see more of Popsadaisy’s cake pop art, follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Cake Pops on Bling Paper Straws

  5. Backgrounds

Another way to add interest to your cake pop photos is to set your cake pops in front of a flattering background. Since cake pops are so small, this is very easy to do. For an endless number of color and pattern options, you can use 12-inch by 12-inch scrapbook paper. Simply tape a colorful sheet of paper up behind your cake pops and set a matching sheet underneath them. You can also use fabric which you can purchase by the yard at Wal-Mart or a fabric store.

What You Need To Take Beautiful Cake Pop PhotosTo learn more about taking photographs of your sweets that will tease the taste buds, add these books to your reading list:

Now that you know the tools you need to take amazing photos of your cake pop works of art, it’s time to arm yourself with some delicious cake pop recipes and start dipping!

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