How To Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sprinkles

How to Make Your Own Cancer Awareness Sprinkles

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During the month of October, pink is everywhere. From jewelry to t-shirts to tattoos, there are endless ways for you to help raise Breast Cancer awareness. If you’re a baker, these homemade awareness ribbon sprinkles make it easy to use sweets to help bring awareness to this cause or another one close to your heart. I use mine during September to honor a special Ovarian Cancer survivor in my life.

How To Make Cancer Awareness Sprinkles

How To Make Homemade Cancer Awareness Sprinkles

It all starts with a batch of royal icing. If you don’t have a recipe that you’re in love with yet, I highly recommend my favorite royal icing. What’s so great about it? Well, to start off, it’s yummy (priority #1!). And as a bonus, it doesn’t dry totally rock hard. The addition of a not-so-secret ingredient to the recipe, which I share with you in my step-by-step directions for making royal icing, allows the inside of the icing to remain somewhat soft while the outside dries hard. So, the icing is sturdy enough for detailed piping while providing a pleasant texture that you actually enjoy eating. I call that a win, win!

How to Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sprinkles

So, whip up a batch of royal icing or if you’re short on time, you can start with premade royal icing mix. It doesn’t get much easier than “Just add water.”

Add a small amount of gel food coloring to your royal icing and mix well to create the color of your ribbons. For Ovarian Cancer awareness ribbons, I added 1/4 teaspoon of Wilton Teal to 1 cup of icing. If you are making Breast Cancer awareness sprinkles, I suggest using Wilton Rose.

Helpful Hint: It’s important to make sure that royal icing never comes in contact with even a drop of oil. For this reason, I like to use separate spatulas and containers for my royal icing. To learn more about why royal icing and oil just don’t get along, see Lesson Learned: Keep Oil Out of Royal Icing.

How to Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon SprinklesLittle by little, add water to your royal icing until you reach a 30-count consistency. To test your icing consistency, simply slice a butter knife through the surface. Start to count, “one-one thousand, two-one thousand…”, as the icing fills back in the sliced area. When you have a smooth icing surface again at “thirty-one thousand”, you’ve reached the right consistency.

If you would like to have a multi-colored shading effect in your ribbons, use a food safe paint brush and your gel food coloring to paint a few stripes of color on the inside of your piping bag. Then, simply take your royal icing and “fill ‘er up!”

How to Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sprinkles

Use a small decorating tip (I suggest PME #1.5 and PME #2) to pipe tiny ribbons onto squares of wax paper. As you fill up each piece of wax paper, set it aside on a cookie sheet to dry, preferably overnight.

Helpful Hint: Stray fuzzies and pet hair love to float around just looking for wet icing to land in. Don’t let them ruin your decorated works of art! Check out Lessons Learned: Cover Icing While It’s Drying for a simple and affordable way to keep these nuisances out of your icing while it dries.

Once your icing has completely dried, simply pop your cancer awareness ribbon sprinkles off of the wax paper. You can sprinkle them on cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, or any other sweet treat.

How to Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sprinkles

For larger cancer awareness ribbons, like the royal icing transfers that I used on Brownies for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, trade your small decorating tip out for a large petal tip, such as Wilton #104.

How to Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon SprinklesSupplies for making Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sprinkles:


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19 Responses to How To Make Cancer Awareness Ribbon Sprinkles

  1. Awesome! This technique could be used for any “ribbon” awareness campaign – great idea! :)
    Jennifer @ Not Your Momma’s Cookie recently posted..Frozen Snicker’s Peanut Butter LasagnaMy Profile

    • Janine says:

      Absolutely, Jennifer! I think the Wilton rose food coloring would be perfect for Breast Cancer awareness ribbon sprinkles.

  2. Hello from Tasty Tuesdays @ Anyonita Nibbles. Fantastic ribbon sprinkles., very dainty. I like your recipe for Royal Icing too. Need to try that recipe out! :)

  3. I love this! What a great way to make custom sprinkles for anything.
    Jennifer @ My Sweet Sanity recently posted..Entry to a Hot Chocolate 15/5K Race GiveawayMy Profile

  4. I so wish I was crafty enough to do that! They look almost too cute to eat.
    Jen @Making Our Life Matter recently posted..The Christmas Holiday: Why It Isn’t So Special AnymoreMy Profile

  5. Cathy says:

    Love these! These are awesome! Thanks for linking up at the Tasty Tuesdays! I am co-hosting this week. I hope you will hop over to my place for a visit and if you like what you see, follow me. Enter to win KitchenAid Holiday Baking Bundle Giveaway! Hope you are having a terrific week! Cathy

  6. Michelle says:

    Those are really sweet! I love them with the hearts, too!
    Michelle recently posted..Cancer Awareness Ribbon SprinklesMy Profile

  7. Janine, Your teal is SO PRETTY! I am going to try to make some ribbon sprinkles this year in September too (I lost my mother and my oldest sister to ovarian cancer). I don’t know how I missed this post last year!
    Sue {munchkin munchies} recently posted..Golden Birthday Cake Oreo TrufflesMy Profile

    • Janine says:

      So sorry to hear about your mom and sister, Sue. I hope that new research leads to a method of early detection for this disease in the near future.

      Thank you for you sweet compliment. I look forward to seeing what you create in Sept. I have done cookies, cupcakes, and brownies with teal ribbons so I think cake pops will be in the line up for me this year!

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  9. Sil (de Homemade Cookies by Sil) says:

    Hello! Thanks for your lovely webpage, it’s been a long time since i don’t visit it! I made a shortcut in my phone to see it more often!!!

    Question, don’t they melt in buttercream or cheese cream or Italian Meringue? Thanks

  10. could you use Wilton candy melts to do this?

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