How To Tint Your Own Custom-Colored Sprinkles

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When I look into the pantry to see a shelf lined with sprinkles… stacked on top of sprinkles… stacked on top of more sprinkles, I completely understand the surprise in my hubby’s voice when he asks, “You don’t have the color you want?” But, what can I say, I’m a self-confessed “sprinkles addict” which naturally also makes me a “sprinkles perfectionist”. That means for every decorated cookie or cake pop project, the sprinkles added must be just the right shape and color. So, what do I do when I don’t have the perfect color sprinkles on hand? Make my own, of course!

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Supplies for Making Custom-Colored Sprinkles

To tint your own custom-colored sprinkles, you will need:Sprinkles Addict -

  • White sprinkles
  • Gel food coloring
  • Plastic sandwich bags
  • A cookie sheet or baking pan
  • Jars for storage (optional)

Directions for Making Custom-Colored Sprinkles

Pour your white sprinkles into a plastic sandwich bag. For this tutorial I used sugar pearls, but your sprinkle options are endless… jimmies, confetti, sparkling sugar. Why limit yourself to just one kind?!

There are many kinds of white sprinkles that you can buy in bulk and use to make your own custom-colored sprinkles. I plan to stock up on white jimmies and white nonpareils for the next time the sprinkle coloring mood strikes me. For the low-down on the different kinds of sprinkles, check out Sprinkles and Sugars and Dragees, oh my! by Bridget of Bake at 350.

Add a small amount of gel food coloring to the bag, followed by some disco dust if you want added sparkle. For this tutorial I used Americolor Super Red food coloring and red disco dust.

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Seal the bag and shake, shake, shake. Continue shaking and massaging the bag until all of your plain white sprinkles are covered and magically transformed into your custom-colored sprinkles.

Custom-Colored Sprinkles |

Next comes the most important part. Spread your custom-colored sprinkles in a single layer onto a cookie sheet or baking pan. Let them sit, preferably overnight, until they are completely dry. I skipped this step during my first attempt so trust me when I tell you that if you don’t let them dry you will end up with custom-colored clumples instead of custom-colored sprinkles.

To protect your custom-colored sprinkles from random fuzzies or stray pet hairs while they are drying, check out my handy tip in Lessons Learned: Cover Icing While It’s Drying.

Once your beautiful new sprinkles have completely dried… start sprinkling! And if you have any left over, don’t be shy about putting them on display as your latest kitchen accessory. Create a unique display by converting a spice rack to a sprinkles rack or check out your local craft store for some cute jars to arrange on a visible shelf.

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  1. What a genius you are!
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  2. Tania Jackson says:

    Thank you!
    I am not a baker, and I could not find blue sprinkles anywhere, needed for my 6 year old daughter’s ‘Frozen’ party. So, thanks to your tips, made my own. I used blue liquid food colouring and it worked just as well (I think). Tania

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