Scarecrow Cake Pops for Thanksgiving

Scarecrow Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Are you looking for something cute and sweet to bring character to your Thanksgiving table? Are you looking for something more unique than the same old turkeys and pilgrims? Look no further! When your guests see these adorable scarecrow Thanksgiving cake pops they’re likely to stop and pinch their rosy cheeks before taking a tasty bite!

Scarecrow Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Ingredients and Supplies

To make scarecrow Thanksgiving cake pops, you will need:

Oreo sandwich cookies

Reese’s peanut butter cups miniatures

– Basic cake pops in any flavor

Lollipop sticks or colorful paper straws

– Brown, orange, yellow, and beige candy melts (or white candy melts and candy coloring )

– Orange candy coated mini chocolate chipsScarecrow Thanksgiving Cake Pops

– Yellow flower sprinkles

– Pink petal dust

– Black gel food coloring

– A small food safe paint brush

– Cotton swabs

– Toothpicks

– A cake pop stand

How To Make Hats for Scarecrow Cake Pops

Start by making the hats for your scarecrow Thanksgiving cake pops. How To Make Hats for Cake Pops

1. Prepare by scraping the cream out of the center of your Oreos, unwrapping your Reese’s peanut butter cups, and selecting the yellow flower sprinkles you want to use.

2. Melt your brown and orange candy melts by microwaving them separately in bowls on low power for 30-seconds at a time. Stop and stir after each 30-second interval then repeat until the coating is completely melted.

3. For each hat, use a touch of melted coating to glue an upside down Reese’s cup to an Oreo cookie.

4. Use a spoon to drizzle brown coating down the sides of each Reese’s cup and spread the coating onto the top of each Oreo cookie. Set your scarecrow hats on wax paper and allow the coating to harden before continuing.

5. Holding each hat by the Reese’s cup, dip it into the brown coating to cover the bottom of the Oreo cookie. Set it upside down on wax paper and allow the coating to harden before continuing.

6. Holding each hat by the Oreo cookie, dip it into the brown coating to cover the top of the hat. Set it on wax paper and allow the coating to harden before continuing.

7. Use a toothpick to paint a stripe of orange coating around the hat.

8. While the orange coating is still wet, add a yellow flower sprinkle to the front of your scarecrow hat. Set your completed hats aside to use for assembly in a later step.

Scarecrow Thanksgiving Cake Pops

Make Basic Cake Pops

These scarecrow Thanksgiving cake pops start with basic round cake pops. You may want to flatten the tops of your cake pops to create a flat surface for your scarecrow hats to sit on.

Helpful Hint: Work with just a handful of cake balls at a time. Rotating them in and out of the fridge ensures that you are always working with perfectly chilled cake balls. This is where it comes in handy to have a few petite cake pop stands to rotate around!

How To Make Cake Pops -

It is best to make your cake pops using light-colored cake. If your cake is a dark color, it may show through the beige candy coating. For a recipe and step-by-step directions for making cheesecake-flavored cake pops that will work perfectly, check out How To Make Cake Pops With Unique Flavors.

 How To Make Scarecrow Thanksgiving Pops

How To Make Scarecrow Thanksgiving Cake Pops

1. Start by microwaving your beige candy melts in a bowl on low power for 30-seconds at a time. Stop and stir after each 30-second interval then repeat until the coating is completely melted.

2. Dip a cake pop straight down into the beige coating until the cake ball is completely covered and sealed. Then, turn the cake pop at an angle and gently tap off any excess coating.

 Helpful Hint: A tall narrow bowl works best for dipping cake pops. Keeping the coating warm throughout the entire dipping process is key to having a smooth coating on your cake pops. To avoid having to repeatedly reheat your coating, a chocolate melting pot is a great tool.

3. While the coating is still wet, apply an orange candy coated mini chocolate chip to the center of your cake pop for the scarecrow’s nose.

Troubleshooting: If your chocolate chips are falling off of your cake pop, your candy coating is probably too thin. Try to wait a little longer before attaching these pieces. Your candy coating needs to be starting to thicken but still wet. The ideal time is right before the coating hardens. As an alternative, you can wait until the candy coating has completely hardened. Then, use a toothpick to place a touch of wet candy coating onto your chocolate chips and attach them to your cake pops.

4. Set the cake pop upright in a cake pop stand to cool until the coating is completely hardened.

5. Use a cotton swab and pink petal dust to paint rosy cheeks onto your scarecrow cake pop.

6. Use a food safe paint brush and black gel food coloring to paint a mouth and eyes onto your scarecrow cake pop.

7. Put your yellow candy wafers in a decorating bag or sandwich bag and melt them in the microwave, massaging the bag at 30-second intervals. Cut the tip off of the bag and draw hair onto your scarecrow cake pop.

8. While the yellow candy coating is still wet, apply the hat to the top of the cake pop.

9. Set the cake pop upright in a cake pop stand to cool until the coating is completely hardened.

Scarecrow Thanksgiving Cake Pops

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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24 Responses to Scarecrow Cake Pops for Thanksgiving

  1. georgie says:

    love your creations, thank you for your great ideas.

    where di you get the clothing for the scrawcrow or did you create it your self. Loveed it very creative

    • Janine says:

      Georgie, the scarecrow outfits are just clipart printed out on paper with a slit cut in the top to slide the cake pop stick through. I also cut slits in the edges I the paper to give the hay a frayed look.

  2. These scarecrows are so sweet. I love their cheery faces. Pinned!
    Beth @ Hungry Happenings recently posted..Fun Thanksgiving Food – Chocolate Peanut Butter Teepee TrufflesMy Profile

  3. oh my gosh! i think your scarecrows and my scarecrows oughtta party together! ( look how adorable yours are! love the hair and the cute little noses. i’m gonna dress up as a giant crow and snag them all. heehee :>D
    Lisa @hooplapalooza recently posted..indian macaronsMy Profile

  4. Those are adorable! I love how you made the hats as well. Thanks for sharing and linking up to What’d You Do This Weekend. Pinning these!
    Ashley @ recently posted..DIY Waterless Snow GlobesMy Profile

  5. These are super cute! Nicely done :)
    Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate recently posted..Trip Report Tuesday! WDW Day 3My Profile

  6. These are so cute! I love making cake pops, and I’ll be trying these for Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing.
    Jordan Hansen recently posted..Home Made Dishwasher DetergentMy Profile

  7. Anyonita says:

    OMG Janine, these scarecrow cake pops are TOO adorable! Thank you so much for sharing them with us at Tasty Tuesdays. I’m featuring them today on Facebook. :)
    Anyonita recently posted..Holiday Glazed Carrots RecipeMy Profile

  8. SO cute! Love those rosy cheeks :)

  9. Oh Janine,
    these are so cute.

    SO clever how you made the hats!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! <3
    niner // recently posted..{Easy Peasy & SO delicious} Peanut Butter Cups RecipeMy Profile

  10. Oh Janine, I just love these little guys, they turned out adorable!

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