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Janine of sugarkissed.netWelcome to sugarkissed.net, where creative sweets are made simple! I’m Janine and I have a passion for making tasty treats that are easy to bake and decorate, especially cookies.

Here at sugarkissed.net, I share my kitchen adventures and sweet inspirations. I like to keep it simple so we can all have fun while creating tasty works of art.

My cookie addiction began one Christmas with a batch of obese looking gingerbread men. Despite the fact that the cookies were seriously lacking in the beauty department, they were a big hit. And that’s all it took to pique my interest! Many hours filled with researching, baking, decorating, and photographing followed.

As my cookie obsession grew, I discovered that decorating cookies was only part of the fun. Thanks to the Internet (and my hubby, who has been my official taste-tester, IT department, and photography assistant) I have been able to share my creations and learn from others in the sugar art community.

I hope you enjoy the sugar-kissed creations I share with you here and I hope you will share yours with me as well!

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