It’s Spring Cleaning Time, Cookiers!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Cookiers

It’s dreaded Spring Cleaning time! Do you have stacks of cookie cutters that you need to organize? Have you been collecting every shade of food coloring known to man?

I’m in the process of moving so my Spring Cleaning will involve throwing everything in a box and taping it shut. But, I did do some research for you to help you get organized…

organize cookie cutters

Check out this great idea by Annie’s Eats. She keeps her cookie cutters organized by hanging them on a peg board.

organize cookie cutters

With all the cookie baking she does, you know Sweet Sugarbelle has to be at least somewhat organized. She uses plastic bins to separate her cookie cutters into categories. Kudos to her for taking the extra step of busting out the label maker! You can check out her system here.

organize cookie cutters

And the winner of the award for most organized is Cristin’s Cookies! She also uses a labeled bin system but what puts her over the top is her Excel spreadsheet. She keeps a log of all her cookie cutters, their size, and where she purchased them. You can download the spreadsheet for your use here. Also check out the super cute jars she uses for her sanding sugar!

What tips and tricks do you use to stay organized?

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